“There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.”
— Christopher Morley (via mycolorbook)

Norman castle began in 1066.

Turkish students to study in Canada.

There is no threat of wrath, no Hell, no Damnation.

Danny just started coming to school for gym and art.

Bob Habib on drum set and percussion.

— Spam, August, 2014.

Deer carcass on the beach. Sandy Pond, NY. 

My great grandparents, of Chadwicks, NY, from San Benedetto, Italy. 


A small sampling of the incredible Hungarian silent film poster collection at the Ernst Galleria

100 Years After (1917), The Lady of Kisses (1917), Das Milliardentestament (1920),  Alias Jimmy Valentine (1923), Dr. Newpon (1914) and Ismeretlen.


USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, VA. April 2014.

TItus Andronicus, June 8, 2014, Oswego, NY (at The Dark Room)

This is a selection from the upcoming “rock opera” release. Part of Act III, I think.

Titus Andronicus at The Dark Room, Oswego, NY. With Baked.  June 8, 2014. 

“The bicycle is not only noble in relation to body rhythms: it is also generous to thought. For anyone with a tendency to digress, the sinuous company of the handlebars is perfect. When ideas are gliding smoothly along in straight lines, the two wheels of the bicycle carry both rider and ideas in tandem. And when some stray thought afflicts the cyclist and blocks the natural flow of his mind, he only has to find a steep slope and let gravity and the wind work their redemptive alchemy.”
— Valeria Luiselli, “Manifesto a Velo” (via invisiblestories)

(via myimaginarybrooklyn)

What demons drive this young woman?

Milk snake, Manlius, NY. May 24, 2014

Near Manlius, NY. May 16, 2014.